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PHASE 1 - Online Memorial

The Online National Security Memorial is the first phase to establishing the physical memorial. The Online Memorial will house the names of Americas fallen security professionals during the planning, the building and after the completion of the physical National Security Memorial.

Visit the Online Memorial

PHASE 2- Traveling Memorial

We know that the design, funding and construction of the Nation Security Memorial will take some time. And even after the completion not everyone will have the opportunity to visit it. What we have decided to do was to create a Traveling Memorial Wall similar to the Traveling Vietnam Memorial. The Memorial Wall will travel to any company, business or agency that is open to the public that wishes to house it.

PHASE 3- Physical Memorial

The National Security Memorial will be the single physical memorial dedicated to house the names of fallen security professionals in the United States of America and its Territories. The design, location and funding is still ongoing.

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